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I attended a Software Engineering Immersive from July to October 2020 through General Assembly. While I had previously been a self-taught developer and held a few dev positions up until then, I gained valuable experience through this journey. Learning about and utilizing several programming languages and web frameworks, I developed full-stack applications while applying computer science theories, industry standards, and best practices.

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Before diving into the tech industry and landing my first Front-End Development position, I received my BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University. I then worked in digital marketing creating graphics, emails, websites, and event registration applications. Several of these projects are highlighted below.

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Hello, World

Hey, Iā€™m Josh. I design and develop interactive websites and web applications.

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Front-End Software Engineer experienced in building reliable, manageable, and scalable websites and web applications. I develop quality products by utilizing appropriate technologies and applying best practices for data organization and code optimization.

Skills/Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Node, Google Firebase, MongoDB, Express, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cloud-based Deployment Services (AWS, Heroku, Netlify), Styled Components, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, Git, Creating/consuming RESTful APIs (Google, Stripe, Twilio), WordPress, WooCommerce.

Demos: React demos include Celebrity Name Game and Event Manager. Tic-Tac-Toe (Robots vs. Babies), Simon, and Rock, Paper, Scissors are developed with vanilla Javascript. Code and more information is available on my GitHub.

Outside of work, I take an interest in learning more about tech/dev trends and current events.

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