Event Manager

I wanted to build an event management/reservation application where users can create their own events for people to attend, or alternatively, can reserve a ticket to someone else’s event. This project is a full, MERN stack application with authentication. I am using MongoDB’s Cloud Atlas service for database hosting and React for the front-end library.

The magic of React is visible when creating or editing an event. I am using Google Places API to autocomplete the address the user types in. Once the address is selected, Google returns the address’s details along with its latitude/longitude. I am then sending the latitude/longitude coordinates to a map component, which re-renders the Google Map with a marker at the new address.

Another cool feature is that the user can upload an event’s image/branding via AWS S3 storage.

Demo / GitHub

Project Tags

  • AJAX
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Authentication
  • AWS
  • Back End Development
  • Bootstrap
  • CRUD Application
  • CSS
  • Front-End Development
  • Full Stack Application