Hi, I’m Josh. I design and develop interactive websites and web applications.

Josh Woodcock Headshot

Not only do I have UI/UX design experience, I like to get into the details of the code and enjoy learning how things work behind the scenes. This has given me experience in both front-end (writing SEO-optimized HTML5, CSS preprocessors such as SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery/JavaScript) and back-end (LAMP stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web development.

Working as a web designer and developer, I also have experience working with: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq, WordPress, AJAX, JSON, phpMyAdmin, Git version control, Bitbucket, SSH and command line access, object-oriented programming, Google Maps API, YouTube API, Stripe Payments REST API, and integrating with other third-party marketing tools.

Although the majority of my work are web-based projects, I have experience in motion graphics, animation, photography, and print design.

Outside of work, I take an interest in learning more about technology trends and current events.